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Weird business name. . and what's with the logo?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Why is this professional development provider called The Tiny Tall Teacher?

What an excellent question!

First of all, I want to highlight, as per The Marketing Ninjas' advice: "You don't have to be boring to be credible". Normal is the last thing I want to be. Simple, yes but normal, as what we often say in Australia, "Yeah.. NAH.." (which means no, to be clear)

I actually came up with the project or business name before I came across the reaffirming podcast by the Marketing Ninjas. I came up with it because I love alliteration and puns. (I am basically a dad in a young woman's body, LOL).✌️😆

Aside from myself being physically barely 5 ft tall (I swear I am 5 ft 1 inch first thing I the morning!), there are a few deeper and less superficial reasons.

Sidenote fun fact: We are taller as soon as we wake up because our spine had a chance to relax. The demands of human existence weighs down on us through the day so we lose some height.

Below is my go-to meme to reflect a mood we are all very familiar with:

That part is not scientifically true. Please search for your own proper sources. I have the habit of going on segways to other topics or facts I find interesting but can never for the life of me remember my sources.

Also fun fact:

I am ADHD diagnosed (among other things) so do forgive me for the high-speed spontaneous multi-thought processing. Please know that it only means I am very passionate , engaged and hyper focused on covering so many things at once! I have improved a lot when I am out shopping. Lists and self-talk are a life saver!

ADHD Neurodivergent

Now where was I?

Ah yes. Explaining "The Tiny Tall Teacher" name and logo.

I made the logo myself using Canva. I love Canva. It's one of Australia's pride unicorns in the stock market. It's super helpful in making everything look professional .

"The Tiny Tall Teacher" is you and me at different stages as teachers and educators. The mountains are our goals, dreams and even struggles. We feel small when we feel like we are far from our goals or when we have a particular awful day... We feel tall when we achieve our plans and goals. We also feel ever so tall in those small precious moments when we make a difference in the lives of our learners.

The three stars are all about you and the holistic support you deserve. As a teacher and as a valuable human being, you deserve moments to be nurtured or enriched mentally, physically and emotionally. ️

This is what we are on a mission to do. We are here to serve the noble servants of society.

We believe a happy teacher = a happy community.

We are currently working on bringing this our our community in Western Australia (WA) and the Philippines via our contemporary-style online conferences.

We can't wait to give you sanctuary. You deserve it.

Gentle love and joy,


AKA The Tiny Tall Teacher

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