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Art Therapy for Intense and Overwhelming Emotions

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

🎨This an art therapy technique I have been doing recently really resonates with me during emotional moments.

For now I'm calling it: "Scribble and See" ©️

It incorporates elements of one line art or single line technique and scribble technique but I added some layers of introspective and reflective imaging with colours. It's best explained and done when overwhelmed with particular ro specific emotions and thoughts in the moment.

So far, in the moment it has helped me express and 'exorcise' feelings of frustration, hopelessness and wakeful exhaustion. . .

This photo is not me, it's a random free photo I'm using. (Yay for free stuff on the internet!)

It started with me scribbling in a continuous line to express myself.. then me finding and filling spots to communicate what I see or feel.

I made the image below while I was having a sensitive discussion with a loved one.

In this case, it's me drowning in a bubble. . . But it also looks like I'm smiling.. or am I screaming? Can't I just pop it or get out of the bubble?

(This one is actually mine)

Title: "Drowning in a Bubble"



Graphic design markers on visual art diary notebook.

I would love to share this with others on a growth journey with me!🌱✨️

Whether you're in Perth, Western Australia or anywhere in the world, I would love to connect with you!🌻

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