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Overcoming My Recent Struggles Using The Circle of Control [simplified]

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Some days we just feel like the whole world is against us. (Oh woe is me!) As dramatic as that may sound, our feelings are still valid.

Allow me to share a super simplified but effective (unfortunately got out of practice) technique my therapist shared to me in order to manage my emotions and mental health.

These past few days I have struggled with big emotions. I fought hard to be validated or heard. I tried to communicate what I wanted or needed. It ended up hurting myself and others more.

I realised I needed to make change. I did a lot of reading/studying in relation to my struggles (while claiming space and time for myself to reflect).

Then something just clicked.🌱

I simply needed to LET GO. This simple but eureka moment reminded me of The Circle of Control.

Below is a simplified version and my personal example.

🟣The Circle of Control:

It is applicable to every situation.

When you feel overwhelmed or out of control by a situation or person..Taking a moment to identify what is within your control (inside the circle) can be very empowering.

Identifying and accepting what is outside of your control (AKA outside the circle) allows you to take the steps towards acceptance.

Try it and see how you go!

For me personally, it has instantly set me free and given me more room to love, serve and give. 💖

Call it selfish or harsh, but my responsibility is ME. When I feel full, whole and safe. . . I have more room to dedicate myself to the values and persons that matter to me.

Now go out there and fill your cup with all the happy things!✨️

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Disclaimer: The Tiny Tall Teacher is not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. Please consult appropriate professionals depending on your personal circumstances.

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