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❇️Therapeutic Creative Arts & Recreation ❇️

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

⁉️What in the world are Therapeutic Creative Arts and Recreation⁉️

Be honest, it sounds fun though.. right? That's because it is. Creative Arts Therapy and Recreation Therapy make use of the participants own interests and inclinations to create a program that would promote their mental, physical and emotional well-being!

Excerpt from APM Health:

Medical professionals and researchers have built up increasing evidence on the effectiveness and benefits creative arts and recreation therapy as complimentary to medication, recovery and medical treatment.

Here's a few example links:

❇️Creative Arts VS Recreational Therapy❇️:

Creative Arts includes music, dance, visual arts (like painting), drama/ theatre as well as play based therapy.

Recreational Therapy may cover those mentioned above but also any other beneficial hobby/interest a participant may have (even Bingo or Karaoke!)

✳️What I do✳️:

It's my pleasure and role to work with you in identifying your needs (it may be mental, physical or emotional). It could also be in relation to life goals you want to achieve. It may take some trial an error but nothing worthwhile always comes that easily, right?

With information gathering and further conversations, we will draft a program plan just for you. Ideally it would be something you find enjoyable yet offers challenges for growth. Health and Safety risks will be considered to do what we can to ensure we are achieving goals and having fun without potential other problems in other aspects of life and health.

Throughout the sessions your mood/states will be monitored for improvement and program adjustments. We may move towards bigger or more difficult goals depending on your readiness and willingness.


Is there something you need to address about yourself or your loved ones? Chronic pain? Anxiety? Lack of motivation? Lowered self-esteem or self-worth?

💖 Let me serve as your holistic wellness coach ...

Here's a gift JUST FOR YOU:

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🏠Client home visit option available.**


**conditions apply



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