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We're all anxious and depressed. . .

Hah! This blog is actually a positive view.

I am one of those annoyingly positive (to a few) people with endless energy and randomly sings Disney songs! What did you expect??? Lol

I had THE BEST conversation with the educators I worked with yesterday!🤩

It seems we all had some form of neurodivergence.. usually me listening to someone has 2 options as shown in the attached sample page of my adult colouring product (ADHD, Anxiety, depression).

Important sidenote: For clarity, The Neurodivergent Colouring pages is a collection of my silly musings as someone with ADHD and is NOT an educational resource.

I think one of the ladies summarised it really well by saying:

"You know what? It's honestly much more rare to find someone who DOESN'T have some sort form of anxiety or depression. "

I'm so glad I created this group and found this mission.

It has led me to pursue so much growth ..🌱 professionally and personally! I love that when I tell educators about The Tiny Tall Teacher mission, they ALWAYS respond in resounding agreement that what we offer is desperately needed.

I want all educators to feel, safe, seen and heard. I want educator to feel acknowledged, important and rested.

I love kids. They are such beautiful beings. Serving educators means the kids can have happier and healthier teachers who have more capacity to love and give.💖

So... how did you love yourself this week? Remember that YOU matter too.

At least take a colouring in break, or have a nap, sip your coffee slowly.. eat that treat slowly without sharing.. lol..

Whatever it is that fills your cup.. DO IT.✨️

PS, We are still selling tickets to our ONLINE International Conference in Pajamas: Mindfulness in Teaching . (ONLY UNTIL CHRISTMAS) ‼️🎄

Start your new year with self-love and gentle peace.. amidst the everyday chaos of educator life!

Also, if you're an educator, tell your manager to talk to The Tiny Tall Teacher. 😜😉

If you're an executive/ manager reading this.. Well good day, Sir/Ma'am! It would be an honour to tell you all about why you should INVEST in your educators.

*Fixes tie*

Let's connect! 🤩

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