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We're all anxious and depressed. . .

Hah! This blog is actually a positive view.

I am one of those annoyingly positive (to a few) people with endless energy and randomly sings Disney songs! What did you expect??? Lol

I had THE BEST conversation with the educators I worked with yesterday!🤩

It seems we all had some form of neurodivergence.. usually me listening to someone has 2 options as shown in the attached sample page of my adult colouring product (ADHD, Anxiety, depression).

Important sidenote: For clarity, The Neurodivergent Colouring pages is a collection of my silly musings as someone with ADHD and is NOT an educational resource.

I think one of the ladies summarised it really well by saying:

"You know what? It's honestly much more rare to find someone who DOESN'T have some sort form of anxiety or depression. "

I'm so glad I created this group and found this mission.

It has led me to pursue so much growth ..🌱 professionally and personally! I love that when I tell educators about The Tiny Tall Teacher mission, they ALWAYS respond in resounding agreement that what we offer is desperately needed.

I want all educators to feel, safe, seen and heard. I want educator to feel acknowledged, important and rested.

I love kids. They are such beautiful beings. Serving educators means the kids can have happier and healthier teachers who have more capacity to love and give.💖

So... how did you love yourself this week? Remember that YOU matter too.

At least take a colouring in break, or have a nap, sip your coffee slowly.. eat that treat slowly without sharing.. lol..

Whatever it is that fills your cup.. DO IT.

PS, We are still selling tickets to our ONLINE International Conference in Pajamas: Mindfulness in Teaching . (ONLY UNTIL CHRISTMAS) ‼️🎄

Start your new year with self-love and gentle peace.. amidst the everyday chaos of educator life!

Also, if you're an educator, tell your manager to talk to The Tiny Tall Teacher. 😜😉

If you're an executive/ manager reading this.. Well good day, Sir/Ma'am! It would be an honour to tell you all about why you should INVEST in your educators.

*Fixes tie*

Let's connect! 🤩

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