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😇Angels from around the world!

This blog is NOT about biblical beings.

It's about REAL people whose contributions will have a positive domino effect on the lives of many Filipino children.


It may sound a bit bad, but truthfully, I'm always able to brush it off and find the silver lining .. as what former Ms. Universe, Catriona Gray would say. 🤭😜


After a literal series of unfortunate events which included communicable diseases, broken vehicles, cancelled plans and a few adrenaline inducing incidents ...

My luck turned a new leaf!

Since solidifying the concept of The Tiny Tall Teacher, I have been more reflective and hyper-aware of practices I have that align with The Tiny Tall Teacher philosophy. As part of my fine-tuned self-love management plan, I have noted some non-negotiable habits or tasks that serve me holistically in terms of The Tiny Tall Teacher 'trifecta' (mental, physical, and emotional well-being).

One of these tasks was to do a 'cup filling' activity. It can be anything that 'fills my cup' so to speak. Chatting or calling loved ones is one of these for me.

I was chatting with my former university lecturer, Ms. Star 🌟 . Yes, her nickname is literally a heavenly body. I sent her The Tiny Tall Teacher website to get her feedback. She was so encouraging and supportive. I told her I was grateful for her as witnessing her be herself while I was establishing my identity as a teen, gave me permission to be shamelessly myself... and I'm pretty happy with how I am turning out to be despite imperfections.

Ms. Star was not only verbally supportive but she actually decided to sponsor 18 faculty teachers/ lectures of UCLM to attend The Tiny Tall Teacher's first ever Online International Conference! What a special Christmas gift!

This interaction was then followed by 2 other Angel sponsors who wish to remain anonymous. These sponsorships paved the way for me to open slots to the educators of Children's Haven orphanage in my hometown , Cordova, Cebu. Knowing this was THE BEST FEELING.

Thank you angels from USA, Canada and Australia !

Below is the event description:

🩳🧦We encourage (or even REQUIRE) you to join us in your pajamas!

Yes, really! (just please be in clothes!)

✨️Let's enjoy this like a Sunday afternoon

(Feel at home with comfy house clothes and an lightly entertaining professional development talk show )

Teachers are exhausted. We are constantly multitasking, running-after deadlines, trying to maintain a smile under pressure and maybe even noise.

Join us this international talk show-style experience covering a tool for one of the most important soft skills needed by all professionals:


How do we find moments of calm as teachers and educators? Can we really achieve this or is this just some mythical concept?

Our presenters from Australia and the Philippines are both active practitioners of mindfulness. More importantly, they are also teachers and educators.

🧘‍♀️Program includes 2 meditation sessions.

Give this overdue gift to yourself.

🇵🇭Philippine participants registration & payment link:

🇦🇺Australia and all other countries:

🐦Early bird price until Dec. 17, 2022

Limited spots only.

📍NOTE for licensed teachers:

This session counts towards your CPD points.

Our mission is to provide a mental,physical and emotional sanctuary to teachers and educators.✨️

We do this by organising professional development sessions that not only promote soft skills for teachers and educators to thrive, but we provide them an enjoyable experience and environment. So they don't have to feign interest and enthusiasm to hide what Spongebob is spelling out up there.

Teachers and educators already have a lot on their plate 24/7. They can't keep pouring from empty cups. We are here to fill their cup.

We are here to fill their cup. 💖

In turn, they can serve better. With clearer heads, lighter hearts and stronger hands to handle the challenges and responsibilities of raising generations of future citizens.

As what my French co-educator just called me, I guess I'm the Educator Fairy! 😉I sure hope I make wishes come true. 💖

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