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8-note Steel Tongue Drum 6"

8-note Steel Tongue Drum 6"

AU$115.00 Regular Price
AU$104.00Sale Price

A steel tongue drum is a percussion instrument in the idiophone family played for centuries. It creates sound by striking its metal surface with fingers or mallets.


This steel drum has a beautiful design and exquisite craft. It is hand made with high resistant carbon steel and titanium alloy technology. Also, the drum surface is covered with an electroplated varnish that forms a protective film, which gives the instrument high durability to protect it from scratch.


This drum is perfect for all ages, even without any musical background you will create fantastic music and enjoy the sound healing experiencfe from day one. In addition, the sound of this drum brings a pleasant and relaxing feeling, such a beautiful escape from stress and inviting tranquality into your day.


Diameteer 15cm (6 inches)

Weight 0,5kg


Moreover, the small body can fit in your backpack, making it a perfect travel companion, offering music on the go.


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