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17-key Kalimba Classic Natural

17-key Kalimba Classic Natural

AU$130.00 Regular Price
AU$109.00Sale Price

This classic natural kalimba is made with high quality mahogany. The solid wood structure provides a well-balanced long lasting sound. Kalimba keys are made selected ore steel bars, giving the tines high strength and durability.


The kalimba is modelled after the ancient African musical instrument called the mbira. The varying styles of kalimba and mbira have endured for thousand of years and have numerous layouts, designs, and tunings. As a result, this instrument produces a warm ethereal sound that feels like "nature in a box". And most importantly, the experience of playing the kalimba will truly help you to relax and unwind.


Kalimba can be played by any age group at any level, just hold the instrument between the palms, then use your thumbs to pluck the keys. Kalimba is a blend of musical enjoyment and a touch of creativity, a beautiful escape that brings tranquality to your day, perfect for stress relieve and a gift for your loved ones.


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